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 I welcome you to a new online community, “rmythoughts”

Let me introduce myself. In all honesty I see myself as an highly opinionated individual who makes his own rules, rarely orthodox & humorous at times. I am not always right but neither is life. It has no set pattern & the only thing constant is “change”. I think our ability to adapt in different situations  will determine our survival. For me, success is managing one’s circumstances & nothing else…mind you it is much easier said than done. I firmly believe in the science of logic & reason. Also, our sense & style of humour makes world a better place. My family always comes first, they are my support system & I would go any length to make them happy. Given a chance earlier, I could have played for my country in one or two sports discipline. It wasn't to be, but again, that’s how it is. 

 My hobby is to observe & understand the world around me. I have always been fascinated by the idea of bringing stories together from different cultures, communities & backgrounds under one platform where everybody could hear everyone else. We all are unique and possess different set of skill. If people come up, share their thought & advice, their experience & failure, their success & motivation, it could provide an amazing learning for all. If they share how they dealt with their situation it would only benefit the society as a whole. In this manner I sincerely encourage people to join the Q&A forum, share, discuss, learn & understand world around themselves.

And to provide you with this opportunity, I have come up with ‘rmythoughts’.

As a visitor here, you become a part of a fantastic community, there are plenty of ways that you can get yourself involved. Please join us, ask a question, join a discussion or write a (blog i.e. through invite only). You will find, it is an amazing place to be. You can share it on your social media platform too. We assure you that it is the safest & secure online portal on the web. 

You can also read my personal blogs in the blogs section. In some cases I also provide advice & answers to your queries personally in a specified timeline through email only. Further, we thank you for being a part of this community. Do subscribe us for all the updates.

If you have any question or query, write me at

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