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...definition, the Right & Wrong"

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Yes, you heard it right. The definition is not so simple as it seems. There is a fine line separating it. Right or wrong acts are generally defined by law, legal, religion or ethical/moral.

To start, we can’t debate much on thise acts, that are defined right & wrong under the law. We all agree that these rules are primarily made for the betterment of the society as a whole & can't be ignored. Although, one can argue that this too has its loophole. I am saying this, in regard to many countries with different cultures apply their own set of rules under their law, which might be considered wrong in other countries & vice versa. For example, women across the many Arab countries have often faced societal & legislative challenges, even to cast their vote in elections, until recently. One can obviously say, by no means it was a right practice but it was valid under the law of their country. Was that right or Wrong? Lawfully it was right but morally it was wrong. How do you understand it? Difficult, Ain't it? Although, the fight for gender equality has been a continuous process, hopefully things are improving now, we can see amendments, changes in law but we still have a long way to go.

The religious aspect of this whole debate is the most disturbing & uncalled for. The practice of categorizing acts of people, right or wrong, depending upon their choice of religion is pathetic & has been around ever since. People actually judge people on the basis of their religion & caste. Can you Imagine? Many want to forcefully impose their religious beliefs on others believing that it is an act of God. In the process to prove themselves, they are indulging in wrong religious practices & terror activities. Though the worst part is, they think they are absolutely right & even enjoy support from many quarters of the society. This is a bitter truth & should be considered a wrong act.

Coming to the ethical/moral side of the debate is the most complicated. The world is very large, it consists of billions of people, they belong to different cultures & countries, they have been brought up in different ideology, mindset & circumstance. Everyone is unique & has his opinion. If one is to be believed, the basis of an act to be considered right or wrong, depends upon the situation, perspective & the side one is in, then obviously we have to understand that each one of us has lived life in his own way, the perspective & side is different, how can all of us come to a same conclusion? We can’t? There will always be difference of opinion & that's right to an extent. There is a popular saying, ‘if you want to understand someone’s act, put yourself into his shoes & you will know the reality.’ Who knows when you will live his life, i.e. hypothetically, you will start justifying, understanding his acts, which previously you were not? After that, you might change your decision. Hence the definition will always be different for everyone.

Thus, I believe nothing like "right" or "wrong" exist. There is only a right time or the wrong time of doing it. But in the world that we live in, our society decides what is wrong? and what Is right? The worst part is that most of the time it is the collective decision of people around you. One may even term it as going with that thing which has a majority in being right. Don't you think that’s absolutely ridiculous. Do they have the authority? They can't decide for you! Do not listen to them? Ignore them!

I conclude, the closest & the most accurate definition of right & wrong lies entirely with you! You are the one, who actually has the authority to manage, understand & survive the situation in your own way. You are the one facing it. Decide for yourself. The bigger question is ," Are you making any sense". As long as you are making sense, you are good. This observation might be right for many & wrong for some. But that's how it always will be. I hope you understood!!

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