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...they say, Life is not fair. All these years, we have been trained to prove otherwise. Haven't we ? Today, we are standing in front of Covid 19, the deadliest virus of our times. What we are witnessing now is kind of hysterical. Nothing seems to be going right & the whole world is in a mess. Apart from taking measures ourselves we need something very special to get us out of this situation or may be feel better at least. We can't do it alone, we need motivation to boost our self, We need Heroes to get us out of here. And I can tell you, there are many who are working day & night to keep us safe. They are putting their life at risk for us. Those who are working in NHS, Care Homes & other social institutions deserve a lot of appreciation. My heart goes out to them. And also our elderly, who are just awesome. They are our Super Heroes. The other day, I was watching news & came across one of the most incredible story I have ever heard, let me share it with you all. I dedicate this post to them. Do paste the link at the bottom of the page in your browser to watch the video.

The TV anchor took us to an Old age home somewhere in the UK. An old man is sitting on the chair, looked sad but kind of OK. He got a little surprised as a young lady who is probably a care taker of that home comes to him, mischievously smiles & give him a gift, it is a cushion. We can see there is someone who is making a video to capture his reaction. The old man turns cheerful. He grabs & keeps the cushion close to his heart. All of a sudden, he gets emotional & starts crying. As a viewer I wondered, What happened ? What's wrong ? Why is he crying ? The old man flipped the cushion & showed it to the camera. We could see, a picture of a lady was printed on it. It was his wife's photo who had passed away last year. The young lady from the care home wanted to give him a surprise & make him happy. And she was successful in doing that. You should have seen the sheer joy & happiness on the old man's face. It seems the world to him. He did not stop kissing & hugging the cushion. I probably can't express myself what I felt at that moment but it was incredible to watch it as a viewer.

In these trying times, when the whole world is fearing for life, everything is kind of stand still, nobody knows when & how things will come back to normal, people are frustrated & depressed, here is a man who is 94 years old, living in a care home, had a successful marriage relationship that lasted for 71 years, not able to hear properly, is at very much risk due to Covid 19 problem ...... is still looking happy, full of life & willing to share his story & motivate the world. You can not afford to miss it. He spoke about his whole life like, previously he had served in the Navy & some other stuff etc. But the most memorable thing he said that he loves his wife so very much & misses her all the time. He said, she was the most amazing, loving, caring wife that could ever be, who never did any sin & always stood behind him all her life. He admitted that he was the most bad ass in his young time & used to do all kind of unacceptable stuff along with his friends back then. But mentioned his wife always supported him & never complained. He also said & I quote, "Now that she is not here, I remember her in all my prayers & I ask for her forgiveness". It was a heart touching moment. I could feel how he meant each & every word that he said & how he really wants to thank his wife from the bottom of his heart. It was very heartening to see how a man who had spent 71 years of his life with a lady, still not satisfied & asking for more. He keeps remembering her, loving her & simply the mention of her name brings smile to his face. There is a big big learning for all of us. It shows the positive side of life. It also shows an extraordinary bond that they had together.

On the other hand, look at the lady from the Care home. How could I not mention her. The young lady from the care home she is only 17 years willingly choose this profession over anything else, she was all smiles & looked as humble & honest as one can be. She was very kind, generous & religiously doing her duty. It reflects that she loves what she does. Taking care of elderly is not an easy job, brings it's own challenges & difficulties. But she seemed to be doing a great job. The old man was all praise for her & keep thanking her for taking care of him. He looked very satisfied with all the services in the care home. All looked well managed even in these difficult times. Now, If they are not showing the fighting spirit, I don't know who else is ? They are doing their part. We should do our bit, too. Both of them looked SUPER SUPER HEROES in my eyes. The WORLD should learn from them. I certainly did ? Keep motivating, Keep inspiring, Keep going. Incredible " ...UK !!

Check this video here:

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