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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

It is your 17th birthday, today. This one's for you…ANUSHA

They are normally wrong in quoting things but for once they got it right, when they said, "daughters are blessings" & I could not agree more.

"I may not say it enough, but you are my love, pride & everything."

I can't thank you enough for all that you have created in our lives. "Being a father is the most amazing feeling in the world". You are the greatest gift that God has given us. I must tell that you are such a wonderful person, very thoughtful & caring. I can see brilliance, enthusiasm & you are sensitive, emotional just like your family.

It is your birthday & the most important day of the year. May you always stay brave & confident in life. You are bold & beautiful, always hold your ground for the right. We all know that circumstances keep changing in life but rest assured, it is going to be an amazing journey that will bring its share of challenges alongside lot of good things & fun. Do not fear, keep calm, move forward & remember it is always the journey that is important not the destination. Your goal should be to explore & enjoy the journey. I have always believed that success is managing your situation & nothing else! May God give you more strength to fight, adapt & the wisdom to understand the value of the opportunity & time so that you make right choices in life. I must tell you that you have a heart of gold, always listen to your heart.

Acceptance, patience & discipline are the most under rated words in the dictionary. If you integrate these in your life, you will be sorted. Make a habit of listening to your elders (at least to your father). They are your well-wishers & guide. I want you to know, we all have to make important decisions at some point in our life & need to back it up with hard work and passion. The decision that you take may or may not work for you always, sometimes you will succeed, sometimes you will fail. Never get disheartened if you fail, you have done well. "Failures" are our biggest teacher cause all kind of things like " it is not working, why does it always happen to me? my luck is not good enough, when will this phase end? etc. will always come into your mind. It is normal. Each one of us feel in the same way. But do remember, you should always participate & never stop attempting things. That is the only way to learn. Always be positive, optimistic & try to do things as you are doing it for the first time. Keep this in your mind that we are the only ones responsible for the decisions that we take & should never blame others for that. Life is all about setting priorities. Set your priorities & move forward. Happiness is a state of mind & we do not have to run for it. Always remember, you have to come out of your happy comfort zone to enjoy life. You need to value things & understand that you are actually doing it for yourself and no one else. If you think you have seen it all, think again, there is a whole lot to explore & learn, the world is waiting. Take up the challenge &

god willing, you will definitely reach greater heights & blossom. Stay blessed always.

I know, aub Anu kahega, ek toh paapa ko yeh kisne keh diya ki woh philoshper hain, woh bandaa mujhe ek baar mil jaye bus...shuru hote hain toh dimag khatam kar dete hain....

 So, on this thoughtful note, issse pahle ki anna naraaz hou jaye, I, end my lecture right here & I wish ANNA a very happy happy birthday, I love you. Stay blessed.

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