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...Unprecedented times"

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Hello everyone, not a very ideal time to start writing, but this one's was pending for a while & can't hold myself back for long...

...I must say & you all know that we are currently facing an extraordinary situation in the world. These are the most unprecedented times ever...if I may say so, in the modern era & probably the last 100 years. Never in this so called high-tech developed world, I have seen such fear, uncertainty, frustration & confusion among all. If you feel your life is nothing like normal right now, believe me, you are doing just fine.

The scale & magnitude of the (COVID19) disease is such that even the most advanced health care systems in the world are falling apart. They are even finding it very difficult to suppress. The virus categorized as neither living nor non living, so tiny that it can only be seen through microscope has brought down the whole world on to it's knees. The most powerful, experienced & capable countries are struggling to find any solution. Currently, Nobody knows what is in store for them in the future & what I believe, we should be prepared to accept that it is not going to end any time soon.Things are looking bad at the moment though the worse part I observed is that people are running from each other. The look that people give each other is like...Oh My God, who the hell are you? are u a parasite ? keep keep keep away from me.!!

Come on guys...being infected is not a crime, anybody can get infection, it is generally no one's fault. Humanity is at stake right now. Although knowing that you are infected, a risk to the society & still not understanding your responsibility has to be a criminal offence. But the argument here is that you may be Asymptomatic & not showing any symptoms? May be you have no wrong intentions as well? now what? What to do? So, it is a bit, actually more than a bit complicated world right now. All the meetings & greetings, handshakes & hugs have gone out of the window. When passing by no one sees eye to eye as if one does not exist ! I know people are right in their own way and are protecting their family's interest first & ultimately the society, still what we are experiencing here is a big big cultural change happening all around the world, One thing I know for sure that when this thing finally reaches its end it would have impacted many many more lives & changed the world forever.

The vaccine looks a little far from our comfort right now & it seems that the only cure available is caution & precaution. Because it is so very easy to catch from just about anywhere, we are facing the biggest challenge of our time. We are learning, coming to terms with lock down, social distancing, isolation & self-quarantine! We all love our Home. Don't we? Think again ! Are u sure ? Is there even an argument ? I bet, there is ! The catch lies here - When we are locked down in our home 24/7, that too for a very long time we realize that we have just about the same capacity to accept or tolerate problems or suffering without being annoyed or anxious just like our children. Very ironical & a fact children would love to hear. Isn’t it ? Difficult times, desperate measures are required. It is very essential that we do not preach but practice it. We can only do it together.

On a positive side, the families are spending time together, the bonding is growing, many have got a welcome break from hectic schedules, the level of pollution has drastically gone down, one can see more & more species of plants, animals & birds are coming out without fear which was not possible, otherwise.

I feel that there is a very big lesson that life is teaching us. We should keep our calm, focus & take this fight to its conclusion. I will say that have faith in yourself, have faith in almighty & hope this situation comes to end soon.

I pray for everyone's health & well being. Please strictly follow the guidelines of WHO, Doctors & Experts. We need to take care of our elders & those with underlying health conditions first, as they are more prone to catch the infection. Save your the WORLD.

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